4 Tips for Getting the Best Possible Settlement Offer from an Insurance Adjuster

Texas is an ‘at fault’ state when it comes to car accidents, meaning that the insurance company of the driver who caused your injuries will be responsible for covering your losses and damages. Therefore, you can expect to hear from a company representative not long after the accident. Although you may be tempted to jump at the first offer, especially if your medical bills are mounting and you are unable to work, resist the urge. Instead, use the four tips below to get the best possible settlement offer.

Consider Your Actual Damages or Losses

In other words, realistically consider how injured you are. Your settlement request should be a fair and reasonable reflection of how much care you will need now and in the future, as well as how much work you have lost due to the accident. Broken bones, while painful, will usually heal completely and have little impact on your long-term ability to work, but spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries that could leave you permanently disabled merit a much higher claim. You want to ensure that the amount you are asking for addresses all of your current and future needs.

Don’t Accept the First Offer

If they don’t attempt to deny liability altogether, insurance adjusters will typically start negotiations with a low settlement offer. This strategy allows them to see if you understand the value of your claim and whether you are after a quick payout to cover mounting expenses. You may need the money, but chances are that you’re entitled to more than the adjuster is offering the first time around.

Stress the Emotional Points

The stronger your evidence, the more likely you are to obtain a stronger settlement. Vivid injury photos and police pictures of your smashed-up car can generate a strong visceral response, and the insurance adjuster would prefer that the reaction not come from a jury. You can also remind the representative that your injury has hindered your ability to care for your children, function without pain, and enjoy life in general. Although it is difficult to assign a dollar value to these factors, they can be influential in getting an insurance adjuster to make a better offer.

Hire an Attorney

A personal injury attorney is your best chance at getting the settlement offer you deserve. An experienced attorney will advise you on the best course of action to take, effectively present your case, and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. Having an attorney represent you also advises the company that you are serious about getting a fair settlement.

If you have been injured in a Texas car accident and require experienced legal support when negotiating with an insurance adjuster, call the Sharp Firm today. We offer a free consultation, during which we go over your claim and the circumstances of your accident with you and advise you on how to obtain the best possible settlement for your injuries.