When Does a Death Become “Wrongful?”

Whenever we lose someone to a sudden tragedy, it is both devastating and difficult to cope with. When the loss is believed to be attributable to someone else’s negligent or careless actions, it can take on the legal identity of wrongful death. This means that you are within your rights to demand compensation that will cover costs associated with your loved one’s passing and protect your future and that of your Read More

Understanding the Difference Between Comparative and Contributory Negligence

Many personal injury lawsuits are initiated on the grounds of negligence. In other words, you were injured because the other party could have prevented the accident had they acted in a reasonable and responsible manner. In many cases, fault for the accident can be attributed to both sides. This is when the rules of comparative and contributory negligence come into play. These rules are often applied during Read More

7 Key Factors That Should Be Considered in Calculating an Injury Settlement

You’ve received an offer to settle your personal injury claim. Now it’s time to calculate a settlement amount. How much you can expect to receive depends on certain factors that apply to your case. In general, your personal injury compensation is related to the expenses and losses you have experienced and expect to experience as a result of the accident. Calculating these damages is rarely easy, because you are Read More

A Brief Introduction to the Legal Concept of Negligence

If you or a loved one has been injured and is considering any type of legal action, you’ve undoubtedly heard the term ‘negligence’ talked about by attorneys, insurance companies, and others. While most people know what this word means in general usage, it is important to get a firm grasp of the legal concept behind this term as well. Determining whether or not another party was negligence will often mean the Read More

The Day After the Auto Crash

The day after the car crash is usually when you realize you have suffered some major personal and property injuries. The question arises: Just what do you do about it? If you don’t realize how badly you are hurt the day of the accident, then the day after will bring with it revelations that you hurt much more than you originally realized. The car, well, it may be a total write-off. Now what are you supposed to Read More

Sexual Abuse Begins at Home

Sexual Abuse Begins at Home Statistics have proven time and again that most instances of sexual abuse happen at home, within the family unit. The “stranger” scenario, while possible, does not happen very often. “The actual facts of the crime of child sexual abuse show that close to 80{e567d5ec54745fd9bde8665c28b231f91ee2028ed6aa034480ac91952ee72ee9} of children who do suffer abuse, do so at the hands of a family Read More

When to Call a Lawyer for an Insurance Dispute

There does come a time when it is wise to call a professional to deal with what has become an insurance dispute. Actually, in many instances, it is even wiser to call the attorney BEFORE dealing with insurance companies. Here is the advice we give time and time again to our clients: Do not speak to insurance representatives for the other party involved in an accident; do not give statements to anyone; do not Read More

Bicycles and Cars Don’t Mix

Bikes and cars don’t mix gracefully and often there is a dangerous (and at times, lethal) crossover where the cyclist or motorcycle rider sustains serious bodily harm or even death. Unfortunately, cars and bikes – whether they are bicycles or motorcycles – don’t get much respect from car drivers. That may be for a variety of reasons, largely due to the fact they are hard to see in some areas around the car, Read More

Mobile Cell Phones Are about to Be Disabled

Let’s face it; we all know that one of the leading causes of car crashes in the USA and Canada is people talking on their cell phones. No attention to the road while driving is an accident on the way to happening. It’s just that simple. Well, the good news is on its way in the war against cell phone addicted drivers who make driving hazardous due to their inattention. No this isn’t a new law enforcement gig or a Read More

Child Abuse Law in Texas

No one wants to hear or think about child abuse. Unfortunately, it is very much alive, but hidden in the least likely places. If you’re faced with charges of child abuse, then you will need to know several things so you have an understanding of what will happen in the criminal justice system. At this point, don’t wait another minute to contact a criminal defense attorney for assistance. Child abuse is a flash Read More