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Representing Victims in Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle can be an extremely fun way to get around, and economical. Unfortunately, it can also be a very dangerous method of transportation since you are sharing the road with much larger vehicles, many of which are being driven by people who aren’t being careful. Other drivers often fail to properly monitor their surroundings when changing lanes, pulling out in traffic, or performing some other activity. Having a motorcycle accident lawyers Austin like The Sharp Firm will maximize your potential pay out. 

The results can be devastating. Due in large part to the weight difference between cars and motorcycles, the rider on the bike is at much higher risk of serious injury. This is compounded by the fact that riders on motorcycles don’t have the protection of a steel frame around them. Sadly, this results in injuries ranging from ‘road rash’ to broken bones, and even serious brain damage.

While there is a certain level of risk that motorcyclists accept whenever they ride, this does not include having to accept the negligence of other drivers. According to the Florida Department of Transportation, 60% of the time the person driving the car is at fault. When there is a motorcycle accident that is caused by another driver, the driver or their insurance company needs to be held responsible.

Victims of motorcycle accidents can recover damages from lost wages, future earnings, medical bills, projected health care costs, and pain and suffering. Here at The Sharp Firm we will investigate the facts surrounding your motorcycle accident, and determine if another driver was at fault. If so, we can file suit on your behalf to begin the process of recovering the damages that you are entitled to.

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