Nonsubscriber Injuries

Compensation for Injured Employees of Companies Without Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Texas workers’ compensation insurance is elective. In fact, over 44{e567d5ec54745fd9bde8665c28b231f91ee2028ed6aa034480ac91952ee72ee9} of all Texas employees are non-subscribers. Unlike workers’ compensation, non-subscriber insurance does not automatically pay medical  costs and wage compensation to the injured worker. The injured worker must prove his employer is negligent before the non-subscriber policy will pay for the injured worker’s’ medical costs and wages.  Some of the ways employers may be found negligent is if the employee can show that:

  1. Failure to maintain adequate staff to perform the job safely.
  2. Failure to maintain safe premises and working conditions.
  3. Failure to provide or maintain the necessary equipment to perform the job safely .
  4. One of the supervisors or employees was negligent.

Nonsubscriber injuries reference work injuries sustained by employees whose employers do not carry workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers who have experienced nonsubscriber injuries related to the negligence or carelessness of others may be entitled to compensation under the law including:

  • Medical and hospital-related expenses
  • Replacement of lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages and benefits

If nonsubscriber injuries result in the death of a victim, family members may also be entitled to compensation.  The Sharp Firm will be able to advise family members about their ability to claim medical and funeral expenses and even loss of companionship and more.

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