Complex Regional Pain Syndrome RSD

Suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome After an Accident or Injury? We can Help!

In the initial days, weeks, and even months after a serious injury, many people are focused on recovering. In cases where the accident or injury was the result of someone else’s negligence, they will also need to focus on their legal case to seek compensation for the event. Having a good personal injury attorney can help make this entire process go much more quickly while getting you the best possible results of your case.

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition most often affecting one of the limbs ( arms, legs, hands or feet) usually after a trauma or injury to that part of the body. CRPS (also formerly known as RSD) is caused by damage to or malfunction of the peripheral and central nervous system. What are the symptoms of CRPS?

  • Prolonged pain that may be constant and sometimes uncomfortable to severe.
  • Pain may feel like a burning or “pins and needles” sensation.
  • Pain may spread to the entire arm or leg even though the original injury may have been to only a finger or toe.
  • Experience constant or intermittent changes in temperature, skin color, and swelling for the affected limb.The leg or arm may feel warmer or cooler compared to the other limbs.
  • Skin may change color to blotchy, blue, pale, or red.

CRPS can be a lifelong medical problem. It is important you receive an early diagnosis and treatment for the best outcome.

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